19. April 2021

Site equipment for CCR demonstrator construction

Doka supports consortial projects on Reference Construction Site

With the currently starting consortial projects of the Center Construction Robotics, we are starting to build research demonstrators on the Reference Construction Site with our members. Thanks to the generous support of the companies involved, the equipment on Campus West is growing and includes from now on numerous construction materials and construction systems for use in automated construction processes.

Recently, we were delighted to receive a delivery of Doka formwork solutions and the sensor-based software solution CONTAKT . Together with our business member Doka, we are committed to develop a safe and efficient construction site of the future.

From now on we will use the Doka systems on site for field tests. To kick off the future project work, Christian Dahlmanns, an experienced Doka site foreman, came to visit us on the Reference Construction Site. He trained the CCR staff in setting up the formwork system to be used for the demonstrator and in using the CONTAKT IoT solution. We would like to thank all Doka employees involved for their intensive cooperation and for providing expert knowledge as a basis for the development of new construction site solutions.

Title image: Training in Doka formwork system solution (left, right) andCONTAKT IoT solution (middle)
STIMME_DOKA_INtro_Seite_1 Site equipment for CCR demonstrator construction
Doka site foreman Christian Dahlmanns teaches CCR lab director Burak Yirmibes and other CCR staff members