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Our offering for your success

Through joint research and development in industrial consortia, companies pool their know-how and share the costs. This enables consortia to carry out research projects that would otherwise not have been possible. Our members gain access to scientific expertise and define the relevant technological topics and research priorities for the coming years.

They benefit from the active development of joint solutions and use the resulting knowledge for their own innovation processes. Furthermore, the Center’s training programs enable you to qualify your staff. As a member, you benefit from our technological expertise and jointly developed methods for increasing effectiveness and efficiency, with a focus on the needs of the construction industry. Because the digitalization of construction must be people-driven.


If you would like to join us in closing the digital gaps in the construction industry or if you would like to research individualized, need-specific construction technologies for your company with our support, you can enroll as a company in the Center Construction Robotics and become a member.

Depending on your company’s needs, you can become a Premium, Business or Basic member. Accordingly, you will receive different rights within the service modules Affiliation, Research & Development and Further Education.

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The members also have a wide range of additional services at their disposal. These include support for project applications and project management, technical consulting services and the execution of detailed feasibility and potential studies. In addition, bespoke services tailored to the individual needs of the registered companies are offered and carried out.



Through the initiators of the center and their equipment at the RWTH Aachen University, members gain access to an extensive portfolio of development and validation environments. These currently include various laboratories and experimental workshops as well as attached outdoor test areas. Reference and research construction sites with various areas of focus are under development in cooperation with the members of the Center.

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Experimental Workshops

Prototypical development of products and processes

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Large Scale Robotics Lab (IP RWTH)

Equipment: Large scale industrial robots, mobile plattforms and construction site ready mobile machinery

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Institut für Stahlbau RWTH

Steel Construction Lab

Equipment: open wind canal, climate chamber, drop tower, bed plate, tensile testing, outdoor measurement system for facades

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MARS (Metrology, Assembly and Robotic Systems)

MARS (Metrology, Assembly and Robotic Systems – WZL MQ)

Equipment: Industrial robots for payloads between 10 and 125 kg, mobile plattform up to 3t, indoor GPS, optical metrology systems for part surveying as well as robot control, machine vision systems, thermography, ultrasonic measurements

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Outdoor Labs

Evaluate products and processes for selected outdoor applications

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Institut für Stahlbau

External areas of Large Scale Robotics Lab and Steel Construction Lab

Nestled on the RWTH Aachen Campus alongside the large robotics hall and the steel construction hall are outdoor areas for experiments. This allows the interaction of indoor pre-production to be tested together with on-site production and assembly activities. The example of the demo house shows how demonstration buildings can be used for long-term studies, questions concerning conversion and restoration as well as for training.

The areas can also be used as testing grounds for construction machinery or as staging grounds for mobile factories.

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Reference and research construction sites

Test products and processes under real conditions on trial construction sites

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Reference construction site for structural and civil engineering at the Aldenhoven Testing Center (ATC)


A 14,500 m² area in the Aldenhoven Testing Center (ATC) is available to our center as a trial construction site for the creation of large demonstrators. Changing application scenarios using established and new large machines from the construction industry can be trialed here. The area also offers access to the 5G Mobility Lab, Galileo pseudolites and the neighboring research construction site with a focus on earth movement and infrastructure.

Research construction site on Campus West


In the near future we will expand our test environment to Campus West. A research building with changing application scenarios is being developed here to complement the area in Aldenhoven. It is planned to provide a vertical access structure and several storey-sized platforms. In this structure, it will then be possible to develop several small and medium-scale test scenarios in parallel over several floors together with other recently established Centers of the Construction Cluster.

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Picture: Test Track at the Aldenhoven Testing Center (ATC)

Member Offices

If you want to work at the pulse of the development and research environment of the RWTH Campus, we offer the possibility of renting one of our member offices. This enables us to work together intensively, on site and at short coordination intervals.

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