4. November 2019

Collaboration project at RWTH Aachen has started!

Enhanced cooperation of all CCR members was established together with RWTH Rector Prof. Ulrich Rüdiger

At the semi-annual consortium meeting of the Center Construction Robotics (CCR), the members and managers of the center agreed on an extensive collaboration project that will establish a reference construction site in Aachen with joint forces. This project will be used as the groundwork for technology transfer from research to the construction industry. Our core partners will therefore work together along the entire value chain in construction and will bring such a future reference construction site to life with research and training projects using large-scale demonstrators. The start of the reference construction site collaboration project was ceremoniously celebrated with the Rector of RWTH Aachen University, Prof. Ulrich Rüdiger, during the CCR consortium meeting.

The collaboration network consists of the following international partners: PORR, Liebherr, Hilti, Eiffage, Doka, Saint-Gobain, KUKA, Autodesk, LEONHARD WEISS and Robots in Architecture Research UG.

Title image: Ceremonial start of the collaboration project reference construction site

with f.l.n.r. Christian Hellerschmied (PORR); Jörg Westreicher (Doka); Stefan Pruckmayr (Doka); Alicia Dröge (Saint-Gobain); Prof. Robert Schmitt (CCR/WZL RWTH); Martin von Hilchen (IP RWTH); Andreas Bittis, (Saint-Gobain); Anatol Worch (Saint-Gobain); Prof. Sigrid Brell-Cokcan (CCR/IP RWTH); Rüdiger Wagner (Hilti); Prof. Ulrich Rüdiger (Rektor RWTH); Prof. Markus Kuhnhenne (CCR/STB RWTH); Peter Wildemann (Leonhard Weiss); Mathieu Boussoussou (Eiffage); Christoph Storm (WZL RWTH); Jean-Marie Dolo (Eiffage); Thomas Adams (IP RWTH);  Robert Bramberger (Liebherr); Alois Buchstab (KUKA); Baris Cokcan (CCR); Christian Hördemann (Liebherr); Ralf Mosler (Autodesk); Philipp Müller (Autodesk); Stefan Kostic (PORR), Copyright: Center Construction Robotics (CCR)