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Center Construction Robotics

Breaking digital boundaries together: The Center Construction Robotics is closing the digital gaps in the construction industry from planning through production to implementation. An interdisciplinary, international consortium of companies and faculty spanning institutes of RWTH Aachen University are developing and designing intelligent processes, machines and business models along the entire construction value chain.

We jointly research and develop key technologies in hardware, software and process design. Beyond the indirect planning processes, we aim to address, rethink and redesign the entire construction site.

The knowledge gained in this way serves as a catalyst for the digitalization and automation of the construction site of the future. By implementing key technologies, the Center Construction Robotics aids its consortium in becoming the leaders of the digital disruption in construction.



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04.11.2019 | Collaboration project for a reference construction site started with centermeeting

Enhanced cooperation of all CCR members was established together with RWTH Rector Prof. Ulrich Rüdiger

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29.03.2019 | German cement industry well equipped for industry 4.0 due to high degree of digitization

Die jetzt veröffentlichte Studie „Industrie 4.0 in der Zementindustrie –Status quo und Perspektiven“ der RWTH Aachen University bescheinigt den deutschen Zementherstellern einen hohen Digitalisierungsgrad…

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08.11.2018 | Immatriculation PORR

Enabler and process owners from construction industry start joint research activity

What makes us unique

RWTH Aachen Campus offers us a home for intensive exchange between our members and RWTH partners. Together, we conduct research under one roof, speaking a common language with a shared vision: to stimulate, innovate and accompany the digitalization of the construction industry.

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Picture: Vision for the Construction Site of the Future

Our Community

The Construction Robotics Center in Aachen offers its members a community dedicated to jointly addressing the challenges of digitization.

Spanning a wide range of disciplines, we work together with a consortium of industrial companies. Through the mutual exchange and commitment of each individual, we want to create a trustful foundation for sustainable and interdisciplinary cooperation.  It is our mission to practice new forms of interdisciplinary cooperation and to network our community of users, enablers and technology suppliers along the construction value chain.

Regular working meetings are held between members from industry and renowned researchers from RWTH Aachen University. Our members therefore not only remain informed about current research, but also community-building measures can be initiated directly in the center.

In addition to the frequent exchange of information as well as the consortial research and development projects, our members also benefit from new training offers and initiatives regarding the development of new standards for digital construction. The digitization of construction requires not only new technologies, but also qualified employees for safe work on buildings.

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Picture: Members of the Center Construction Robotics
Our members play a key role in shaping the center’s offerings. For example, our current members are represented on the Industrial Advisory Board of the new transdisciplinary Master’s Program “Construction and Robotics” at RWTH Aachen University and ensure a forward-looking education in a university environment.


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